(Hancock, NY-December 7, 2016) Post-election, The Muslims of America, Inc. (“TMOA”) along with other American minority communities, has been on the receiving end of backlash. Primarily, the attacks against TMOA come in the form of the proliferation and regurgitation of fake news by Fox News, Ryan Mauro and Martin Mawyer’s Christian Action Network. The danger in fake news is that it scares Americans and radicalizes them to engage in vigilante justice against Muslim communities. We saw this with Robert Doggart of Tennessee who is currently awaiting trial on criminal charges for convening a militia to burn the mosque and annihilate the Muslim community of Islamberg in New York. In his criminal briefing, Doggart implicated Fox News.

In 2013 TMOA filed suit against the Christian Action Network for manufacturing lies and peddling them about Islamberg and TMOA. After a long hard fight, the case was dismissed on a technicality, which has since been cured. Fox News has already faced criticism due its use of a fake guest analyst, Wayne Simmons, who also purported lies about TMOA in a broadcast. In July of this year, Simmons was convicted in federal court and sentenced to prison on major fraud charges for posing as a CIA operative. These fake news peddlers need to be reminded of one of the Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. Hence we are prepared to sue those who launch media terrorism attacks against American Muslims putting lives in danger.

While the results of the election have emboldened racists and xenophobic bigots, even those in political office, it has also empowered marginalized communities into social and political activism. The exponential increase in hate crimes requires a committed response by our global community. We will be leaders in this movement. Upholding the Ten Commandments will be our mission statement. We will be as committed to speaking and acting in peace as these people are in speaking and acting in hate.

On behalf of TMOA and its villages throughout the country, we thank our neighbors, friends in faith, and our law enforcement partners for reaching out to check on our safety. We are warmed to see continued support and look forward to our joint efforts to grow religious tolerance and ensure a safer, better tomorrow.